ICT Consultancy

We are an experienced team of IT Consultants based in Sri Lanka with considerable technical and business experience gather over more than a decade operating with customers across the globe.

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Application Design

As each business is distinctly different to the other, Our consultants will design the systems based on the requirements specified as well as taking the future requirements into consideration.

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Website Design & Social Media Strategies

By combining marketing expertise and design skills, We will build strategies based on your vision and goals for your company as well as your industry analysis and competitor analysis.

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About Mind Space Labs - Your Partner in Cyber Space.

Mind Space Labs is based in Colombo Sri Lanka. Started in 2004, we are a premium Website Designers and website developers as well as experts in Software Engineering in Sri Lanka.

Now, 12 years later our portfolio ranges over 15 industries including Manufacturing, finance, health care, sports, Investment, Sales and Marketing, Tailor made Software Solutions as well as well known Enterprise resource planning solutions are installed and maintained for small to larger scale multinational business and Government institutions.

Our approach focuses premium customer service and also more on the specific results you want to achieve with us. By combining user friendly and efficient solutions with revenue generating and marketing techniques, we deliver the best solutions for your audience, your company or objective.

Together with our team of specialized professionals we will determine the successful outcomes for your company or project and we'll do this by delivering the results and changes you truly expect.

Our key strength is the attention and care given to each customer and building a relationship that fosters a strategic partnership. This enables Mind Space Labs to foresee and anticipate the customer needs for future development ad achieve the set goals with swift turnover time.


+94 773 423 916

Reliable hosting that's always lightning fast, Guaranteed 99.9% uptime, Easy, one-click setup, State-of-the-art servers providing you with The Mind Space Experience.

We can make all your applications web enabled. This will facilitate online access from any part of the world 24x7, providing you with Mind Space Experience.